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You can join NOWTOWN as:

- University Student. Unified “basic” course plus the possibility for an individualised selection of original workshops, as well as participation in offline sessions.

- Resident. You fill your own residence with your ideas, have the opportunity to visit other residences, become a member of clubs and create your own, organise your own presentations and participate in all of NOWTOWN’s public events, including offline.

It is possible to be a resident without studying at the university, and vice versa.

- Consolidated Resident (for communities). You fill your community’s residence with content and receive the opportunity to interact with other communities and clubs represented in NOWTOWN, to participate in public events and organise your own, including offline.

- Donor, supporting the project as a whole or a specific part. Passe-partout, membership in the Club of Trustees, guaranteed places at all events, priority information, assistance in making contacts, the possibility of having a closed status for your personal residence, among others.

Preliminary applications for participation (both individual and for communities) may be submitted from 1 July 2020. The project’s pioneers will become members of NOWTOWN’s Council of Elders (33 individuals) and enjoy preferential rights, respect and bonuses. Now it is also timely to support the project by joining the ranks of its builders or business angels (members of the Club of Trustees).

The sequence of actions here is just as it should be in a normal human life: choose a house to your liking, fill it with your ideas and open its doors to like-minded people, friends, or just those with whom it is interesting to do what has meaning.

And then do it.



To apply for residence, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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